I heard this song recently on the radio called Unsteady by a band called X-Ambassadors. You can listen to it here: Unsteady, X-Ambassadors. It amazes me how the lyrics of some songs can be written by people so far away that you have never met before can emotionally connect and explain exactly how I feel.

Trying to deal with my emotions and thoughts right now makes me feel extremely unstable, just as this song talks about. I want to make the right decisions for me. It just seems like every time I think about my family I subconsciously get so stressed out.

Another thing that amazes me is our subconscious. It is definitely something that I need to get more in touch with; finding the reasoning for why things are they way they are, why I am internally imprinted with all these negative thoughts and feelings about myself. 

It is so hard to walk on my own two feet and trust that what I am doing is right and that everything will be ok. I just have to trust that the Lord has a plan and everything is going to be just fine according to His will, and that is ultimately all that matters. 


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