I am Enough


closeup photography of book page folding forming heart

Have you ever listened to a song but never really paid any attention to the words? I think I am one that does this often. I have listened to lots of songs of this particular singer and love her voice but never really listened to the words of her songs. Her name is Lauren Daigle; she is a Christian music singer. The song that I am talking about in particular is the song ‘You Say’ from her “Look Up Child” album and the video can be found here. It really is a wonderful song.

One of the things I struggle with in all aspects of life is confidence. I always feel like I am two steps behind in some aspect. Always second guessing myself. It’s really a bad situation, but I don’t know how to grow in this area. Maybe it has to do with failure; I am so scared of failure even though I know this is how we grow as humans. Or maybe I’m afraid of humiliation. I want to fit in. It’s like my self standards are set so high for myself that I can’t meet them and then it turns into a destructive never-ending cycle. 

I’m not sure how a song can bring you to tears but this song did for me. Maybe because of the truth in the words? I guess it’s just so hard for me to believe that anyone could truly love me when my own family didn’t. There’s that self-doubt. I have a tendency to hear things multiple times and never get it but then I hear the exact same thing from someone else and it just clicks. This song made it click for me. It just feels so good to know that God says that I am enough just as I am. He tells me that I am loved. And really, does anything else matter in the grand scheme of things? I just need to remind myself of this truth from time to time. 


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